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Jumat, 16 April 2010

How to Register at HostGator Hosting

Here are simple steps to register hosting at HostGator:

1. There are 3 options hosting package, the hatchling Plan, Baby Plan, and Business Plan. Here we select only the Baby Plane package because this package we have been able to :
• Disk Space UNLIMITED
• UNLIMITED Bandwidth

Furthermore, we choose to buy hosting per month, per year. Here I provide examples of purchases for the month, but do not worry about whether to purchase monthly or annually will do the same. Once we determine the next choice is to click the ORDER NOW

2. Next we'll be taken to a page Order Wizard

If we already have a registered domain name elsewhere such as Godaddy or another then we must check the I Will use My Existing Domain and update My. Existing Domain on a box we enter our domain name. But if we do not yet have our domain name check on the option Register New Domain. Then click Next

3. So it looks like the following will be

Well this is the most important section, because here is a later step of determining whether we have to pay the normal price or the discounted price of only $ 0.01 which is pretty. Later on the coupon box we enter "WEB HOSTING" or "wordpress" so that later we can get a rebate. The next step click Calculate totals to calculate the total cost we have to pay later.

4. Click Continue

5. Fill out all requested data, Noteworthy is the preferred means of payment later. Check Credit Card to make payment using Credit Card or PayPal check to make payments using PayPal

6. After all data is completed click the Verify My Order

7. Following completion of the order, then HostGator will send us an email order notifications, the email will include a link to our HostGator login to your account. Please click on it and make payment via Credit Card or PayPal as voted by us earlier.

8. When you finish making payments and the HostGator accept then we will re-send email that is on our payment receipts as well as information on our account data.

9. Done, hopefully useful

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Senin, 12 April 2010

Hostgator Domain and Hosting

In choosing hosting, quality and a hosting service should be the most important consideration, because if we choose the hosting that bad then the problem will find our internet business in the future. To select the hosting I suggest you to use the best hosting ever and the most recommended by the online business that is HostGator

hostgator benefits :
* Unlimited Domains -> we can use a single hosting for multiple domains, unlimited.
* Unlimited Spaces -> we can use freely hosting capacity, there is no limit how much capacity your hosting. So if your domain requires a lot of files, no problem.
* Unlimited Databases -> we can make a mysql database as much as possible .. there is no restriction at all ..
* Unlimited Traffic -> suitable for websites with high traffic
* 24-hour online service -> We can call customer service for 24 hours each day
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